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How long this new event schedule will be?

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    Originally posted by BlackhawkRaider View Post
    No Event for Holy Sword/Polishing Orbs? There WAS one for a hot second, So now I have all my orbs rotting sitting in my inventory, along with the cast stones? AND let me guess- Hone Mounts and Terra Grass were just a passing thought? Kind of like the "Orange Card" the the Inn that still never showed up- after 5 years? Game is dying a slow painful death. Those that still play hate it. AND hate they are still playing it. Most are still playing because of friends they have made while playing, NOT for the actual GAME itself. Even the big Cashers have said that they are done.
    Start using those orbs if you have that many hihi...... they might straight after you use them all put the hot event exchange back for it
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      The devs nerf the events so that we get 40% less event items available to earn. They say it's more for less, it's not. Our bags are stuffed full of whips, sepulcrum, mahra, and other items we use more for events than for character building, and now they want us to use fewer each rotation making our bags even more unmanageable.
      They've changed the drop rates so that the much needed items are extremely rare to get. I exchanged nearly a thousand event items and received less than 50 smelting stones, and there were two different drop quantities in that Lucky Exchange. It's much more productive, in my opinion, to just swap for what I want in hot events than to waste time in the junk-filled Lucky Exchanges. IF they ever bring back things we NEED, I might give it a try... but I KNOW the drop rate will mean we'll only get 1 or 2 a cycle. Hey devs!!! We aren't going to waste 20 years here trying to get our dragon mounts up one level. Reward items need to be changed, or just get rid of Lucky Exchange altogether and let us swap for everything WE want. There is only so much patience I can muster selling off stacks of henna and animation stones... I DON'T WANT THEM!
      They've changed all the synthesizing to start a level higher than what they were. Not only that, but they had the audacity to change the reward for resistance crystals to be fire instead of water. WHY!?!?!?! I'm a long time player and I haven't had a 'run up' of any synthesizing for over a month now... and that equates to even FEWER event items... not to mention newer players have no chance of getting anywhere. But hey, I managed to get a couple level 10s in divinity stones before the changes, it will probably be another 6 years before I ever see an 11.... and I'll be long dead before a 12 is possible. No.. wait... the game will be... or already is.
      I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of doing all this tedious work day after day and seeing virtually no improvement for my effort. The game should be progressing! Events need to be changed to include what's going on NOW, not 5 years ago. Keeping the 'new' lowered events is fine so that players who are new can progress, but we need reliable events that coincide with where veteran players are and what they are working on to progress. Where did the Holy Sword events disappear to? Much like soul crystals, once a player maxes it out they can no longer participate in that event... but most players aren't there yet. Those kinds of events that have a ceiling should remain, period. We now have an occasional dragonchant event... 2 years later... woohoo? Does that mean we get to stagnate another 2 years before we start seeing events for goddesses, zodiac, etc? If so, I'm gonna go take a bite of that poison apple.
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