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  • League Rumble Matching

    I have just taken part in this joke again. We had 14 fights against droids and 1 fight against the biggest br team which resulted in a loss as expected. How do R2 you idiots do the matching for this with so many teams how do you justify continuous droids. You couldn't make it more boring if you tried and even in your patch notes you say you are fixing player preparation timing bug whatever that is. No problems with preparation time you don't need to prepare to fight a team of droids. Absolutely unbelievable.

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    How matches work in rumble? It shows lots of parties but almost everybody say got mainly freebies. So where is the competition to fight all the time freebies? Or this is an amazing brand new pvp event? Maybe with next patch they should change ares and venus with the same brand new pvp events more people to stop doing it. If you trying to kill the game just remove all events and left only recharge and spend and make all pvp events like rubmle and siege. Easy way to get fast rid off from most of us so to can shut the game when flash stop support without to be necessary to have diamond transfer on balens on lots accounts. From top 1 wartune now is in the bottom on ranking and every day getting worst and worst.


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      we had 1 fight against real players then a "droid" fight then we met the players fro 1st fight and all went in a loop meeting same player-droids-player-droid etc and by the way we lost points (10 points orso) cus of this bug... and few rounds they smacked us while in beginning we wacked them quit easy


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        Matching ? Having come up through arena etc, you suddenly expect wartune to do matching? How long have you been having these strange dreams ?