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    Post each day's campaign location for bonus gifts.

    Jan 10: Clue The Different Beginning. Campaign: Temple of Fire, Hero.

    Last edited by mArcheee; 01-10-2019, 04:20 PM.
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    wouldn't it be nice if R2 would put in her which campaign it was.. or better yet,, give us a list to look off of? You really like to make people chase their tails.... come on......
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      these days u ave to be a member of MENSA to even work out the clues


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        it keeps player busy and using there stamina potions(when no more then more place in inventory) to find it good thing to get guildie's to work more together and of course keep the cs friendlist active hihi
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          I agree with the Ghost-Just would be nice if R2 shared at least a clue like they did when posting it as a hot event before. If not that at least that campaign event is happening and could send out all toons to farm campaigns looking for it.


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            Originally posted by mArcheee View Post
            Post each day's campaign location for bonus gifts.

            Jan 10: Clue The Different Beginning. Campaign: __________.
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