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    I have a level 10 BO, and a lvl 10 Sacred Knight, I can not seem to soul transfer them into a void emissary, it keeps telling me i only have 1 eudaemon of the same type. Why can i not soul transfer them when the are 2 diffreant types!

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    You need to have 2 kids or more of each type in order to make a willpower. So you need to have 2 BO and 2 sacred knights before you can make one. Doesn't matter what level the 2nd ones are


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      also the another conditions for making willpowers are:
      1. none of the euds you will fuse cannot be currently used in any of the eud missions, i.e.e eudaemon domain, eudaemon watchtower upgrade/quest, etc.
      2. have 1000 of the green-glass-bottle-looking item and 3000 green-shards-looking item in your inventory, not in guild vault or mailbox.
      3. due you have both euds in level 10 your void emisary will be level 1. if you want skip using blood of zeus in willpower upgrades both euds to level 12 as possible.
      4. reached knighthood.

      other thing to remember....:
      only items held by the sub-eud will be gained back, the items held by main eud will be transfered to the willpower set.
      once the willpower skills are activated their levels will be based of the highest level of the previous pair from the euds merged, i.e. in one willpower skill have formed from 1 lv 8 skill and a lv 5 skill, the level of the willpower skill will be 8, and from lv 8 to lv 12 you use willpower books, otherwise you to spend even more scrolls than used with euds.
      all further willpower upgrades won´t count for any event until now, and maybe for future events too. to take chance of using all eud stuff first if you need get chests.
      Few data about me, just to no rewriting on every post manually.

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