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  • System Chat

    I'd like to make a suggestion regarding reducing system chat in the game, which may even help lessen the lag...

    1. We don't need to be told what a player has drawn out of lucky exchange.
    2. We don't need to be told when a player has completed Forgotten Catacombs, etc (3 different ones in that category).
    3. We don't need to be told when a player draws a gem, diamond, etc, from a Speed chest.
    4. We don't need to be told about what a player has drawn from Golden Road, Sacred Tree, etc.

    There are probably more items to be added to this list, but you get the picture!
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    (merged with S2, S6, S12, S39, S66 & S73)

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    5. Level 9 luck stones from warriors mark
    6. Stuff from guild blessing
    7. Synthesizing artifacts
    8. Astrals
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      agree with all points they are annoying and not adding some usefull to the game who cares what other got... let's stick to the titles/ mount's from riders shop those are fun to see and see if you got them so no you can see what needed to get it... (bug's are everywhere even this forum has 1... need wait 15 sec before posts... last post was atleast min ago... now wait 500sec orso)


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        I made a list of the suggested edits and have forwarded it.


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          9. Synthesizing mounts
          10. Upgrading equipment
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