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cannot open WARTUNE...

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  • cannot open WARTUNE...

    this is my account
    server : S24
    Nick : Sadaken
    Guild : Pride
    Level :50

    i want to open my games... but never could. just message :

    It works!
    This is the default web page for this server.
    The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.

    anyone can help me.?

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    very confusing thread , but ur point here cant open ur game , im sure u know some normal method ppl been telling ... but try to wait the page loading a lil longer , its happen to me sometimes , after i leave it less than 5 minute and comeback , im already in game
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      Ok, Mystic archer, your post is lacking in detail......

      what is the URL you are using and can you post a screenshot of what you see when you try and log in
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        i have the same problem, i can't open wartune everytime i try to open it, i always came up with "about:blank" page .. anyone can help me ?? i have GB tonight


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          Uhm... sorry, but Im using Indonesian language. Archer will understand me after all.

          Ken-chan, maksudnya cuma ada tab countdown dan bawahnya putih tok?
          Coba cek jaringanmu deh, kadang aku juga kayak gitu soalnya @,@
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            Does any of the following work for you:

            The only things I can really recommend at the moment is:
            • Check if this is the only site it's happening on
            • Check if you have the latest version for all addons, flash player and stuff (preferrably the browser too)
            • Check if this happens when you open the game from more than 1-2 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE)
            • Clear your cache ingame and out of the game (through Internet Options in your browser), see it anything changes