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  • Medalions

    ok i was looking at Arena shop to buy this week medalion and i started looking at them and something came to my mind...

    why there is only medalions for pvp?

    presently many players have more insignias then they have where to spend them or in what,so heres my idea/sugestion:

    why not create a medalion/s for PVE as well?

    sounds bad?not if you think a bit...presently many players are already doing necropolis,a medalion for PVE and both catacombs and necro are PVE dungeons,would help them as a extra boost,especialy for VIP players that would be able to use the medalion + the covenant buff warriors call.

    would give to who has a overflow of insignias a new item where to spend them,and at same time a extra boost on PVE dungeons,usefull for both VIP and free players(obviously the VIPs would have a extra addition of the covenant,but in the end would still help both streams of players).

    knights under lvl 60 would find this extremely usefull,since they are bit handycap till that lvl,and i belive that archers and mages wouldnt mind at all of having a extra impulse when they reach to that point where a bit more damage/defense would provide whats missing to them and that the knights have in massive amounts(defense values).

    its just an idea,but would solve some insignias
    issues,give to all players to get to higher grounds(theres many players,both VIP and free,that are more turned to PVE then PVP),better stuff and more fun(especialy the VIPs that would be able to count with 2 buffs instead of just 1)

    what you guys think?

    BTW,im a Knight,so dont start with knight whinings cuz i love my knight
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    I like the idea but it probably wont happen since the Chinese server doesn't seem to have it.