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This event cycles suck. Reasons? Come inside.

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  • This event cycles suck. Reasons? Come inside.

    First of all: There's repeating event types. We can barely stock up symbiosis stones in a month to do 3 days of events properly, if you buy it with main event items there's no meaning since you get the same. Back then when we had proper "mini items" piles we could buy many items without spending main items. Now symbiosis stone was just an example, there was a time when we got Polishing Orb, Cast Stone, EXP Talismans, Pennant Engraving(that's all I can remember) events and we didn't have problem stocking items because it didn't come up every few weeks. Secondly: We can't get dragonchant materials. We only have one hot event exchange that gives perfume chests and dragon's whisper but we can't get all of those because of limited "Main item to mini item" exchange. So for example if I save 210 main event items and want to get 2100 mini items through exchange I can't. I can only get 990 mini items and can only buy some potency or dragon's whisper mats. When 999 mini item exchange comes up there's not any dragonchant related exchange.

    So if we get same event cycles over and over again how are we supposed to stock items properly? It's already broken enough and there's players quitting because of the lag, events, the xmas events thing and also lack of many things. This game is becoming a casher's playground...

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    I'm not sure i agree with you. I don't hate the new events. Yes, because there are more of them you get a lot of repetition, but i don't see that as a huge problem. Having more of them means that newer players get a chance at some rewards fairly's not all hf and adv henna for months like it was when i started playing. I think the biggest problem in the game is not the lag (although that is a problem) but it's getting bogged down. There's way too much to do, too many dailies, too much grinding. Not many people have the kind of time on their hands to work on everything they should. And as for cashing, one of the really nice things about this game is that you can play it for years with out cashing and do fairly well. Most newer games have cashwalls, they'll let you play for a week or so but then you cash or it's goodbye. Yes, people are leaving the game, but that's what happens on online games. People come, people go. What the serious problem is that new players come on, but they don't stick around. Too complicated, too much to do, you need guidance for everything, They're pushed to get to 80 then they find they can't win a battle, can't kill anything, need help for every dungeon... gets boring fast. They don't stay. I was lucky, i have an awesome g m with a big sense of responsibility. She's an old camper (2 years in her 30's) and encouraged me to stay low for a bit. Another problem is that the magical medieval kingdom kind of MMO is getting old fast. The new thing are battle royales, lots of runrunrun blamblam runrunrun. Way faster games, much more appealing to younger players. The way WT is now, a new player can realistically expect to start winning a few fights after about maybe 8 or 9 months. Using them as whale fodder is not a good idea.


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      ''guidance for everything'' If you are able to help people and advise them, then I dont see that as much of a problem really. If you ask for my opinion, I think skipping events in order to save more is fine. I did that before, and I was able to get a lot more rewards. IF I haven't skipped back then, then I would have lesser rewards.