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Warning: Guildmaster with bad rep on east coast servers

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  • Warning: Guildmaster with bad rep on east coast servers


    I've been playing Wartune for years now and I think it's a great game where you can meet a lot of players and build relationships with them. You can really enjoy Wartune until someone wants to ruin the fun for you. For some time now I have encountered a player on the east coast servers who has been a guildmaster on every new server launched and he has a bad reputation towards his guildies in every guild he created. I have encountered him on quite a few east coast server and most of the time his guild always ranks as no. 1 on the server. I want to warn players on the east coast servers about him for what he is doing. He abandons his guild after a week or two weeks and leave us hanging there untill there is a new guildmaster election (yes he doesn't appoint a new guildmaster at all). This is something that he does on purpose. The thing is that during that period of time the 30 devo and Emeraldia, which is so hard needed, are deprived from us. The assistant guildmaster cannot do anything about it, so that's why it's important why R2 should give the option to summon Emeraldia and TOA also to the assistant guildmasters. I have been told that the election waiting time of 15 days has been reduced to 5 days now. This does not help much because this guy logs in within 4 days just for 5 minutes and then logs off again, so that the election never takes place. This is considered very rude and antisocial and I really hate this guy. He is usually not alone, he has another player, a woman who he marries in the game and she follows him on every server. I want to warn players for this couple, if you see them in a guild, leave that guild at once or you will regret it. He can be very rude towards players and I wonder why he has not been reported before. The last two east coast servers where he pulled his bad joke are: S809 (toon name: Arrow) en S816 (toon name: Clyde).

    You can recognize him by the following red flags:
    1. He appoints a lot of players in the guild to assistant guildmasters or Officers. Usually these are the cashers with high BR or those who are helping out a lot.
    2. There is another player which is his sweetheart: on S816 it was Bonnie.
    3. If he says he is old and/or retired and so is his sweetheart too.
    4. He is sometimes very rude and can kick you out of guild without fair warning.
    5. He has sometimes an alt toon in his guild and openly make us aware of that: on S816 it was MADDOG.

    Sometimes I wonder if these two are working for R2 and doing this on purpose, not that I'm accusing R2 of something lol. I hereby want to ask R2 if they look into this and do something about these 2 players. If possible give them a serious warning and if possible ban both their accounts for some time. Such bad attitude should not be tolerated in this game. Let me know in the comments what you think about this or if you had any bad experience with these two players.
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    Hi Drabis. While we understand that players who behave in such a manner are less than ideal to play with, there's no rules against being rude, unlikable, coming and going as a guild leader without setting a new one, or having alts. Guilds themselves are largely self-moderated. If a player is unhappy with other members, they should leave and find a more suitable guild.
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