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lower rate of event chest

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  • lower rate of event chest

    lower and lower we get with the amount of event chest giving for events as we start at a higher level or amount needed for the event the lower the amount of even chest we get in return same is with lucky exchange the items we need have the lowest chances of getting any while other items that we can get in the game every day are much easier to get with the same 4 lucky exchanges and same events seems they have got very lazy to even add new events while they remove events we like with items we need but instead they add them to junk like golden tree that have a even lower chance to get the item you need without spending a large amounts since November of last year it has been getting worse and have not seen that they have any intention of giving players new events and the other lucky exchanges that we had with items just about every player still needs . But this comes to no surprised since they don't even bother to try to fix the lag that they caused since the data migration

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    they simply dun care about the players only about the cash.. drop rates of the giftpiles are worthless to yesterday 10 crowfeathers out of the 40 piles...


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      there are plenty of threads about lower rate lucky exchange event, developer decision to give us like that and even those **** items in lucky exchange, live with it lol. R2 can't do anything.


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        would love to see the revenue spending this year of r2 i bet the revenue has droipped a bit since xmas lol

        and prob wont hit any higher this year if devs keep pulling their stunts on events and low drop rates

        even placing the special spend events in cachon and clothes in golden tree i bet its not that high either

        what they need to do is look through wartune history and look hard at what ppl liked and which events they nerfed that got ppl to spend and bring them back higher drop rates and luck exchange prizes to better odds making us happy and to part with our cash


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          they simply need to raise the drop rate a bit again put back in the other half of the events ... and make gameplay better


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            + they need better servers and convert the game to html5