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are the cloud city loot plies worth doing anymore?

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  • are the cloud city loot plies worth doing anymore?

    starting to think the current state of the cloud city loot piles are not worth it......don't need another 4 weeks of henna...gear is only +40 attributes per piece& the complete set has no title...very boring & very repetitious, no real incentive to do it.......I really miss the cloud city mount loot piles...willing to bet we will never see them again.....these devo's are very lazy & lack imagination.....any one wonder how many devos it would take to screw in a lightbulb? lol
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    Adv. Henna is useful for the Adv. Henna events. The current round of piles has some bound balens in them, which are always useful. The special item of the month, even in small quantities, was okay, got some talent stones from that exchange so I'm not going to complain about that. Really it just depends on what you need and what's in the piles for that rotation, much like every other event. If you don't find the items useful or worth collecting, you've saved yourself 10 minutes.
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      Over all its worth it Bb always nice Adv henna good in events often there some divinity souls in as well even in small amounts its free .... Smaller players /newer players often can use everything still.... most of the things you probably do not need/use or do not bother about you can exchange in voyage for example to where you can get wraight stones books of wisdom and some other good things
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