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is the game still fun?

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  • is the game still fun?

    I find the game less enjoyable every day, with the massive lag, boring events everywhere, very lame events for holidays, a lot of very time consuming things to do, devo's greed so good drops are very rare in the lucky exchange now....I started on r2 years ago & moved to kabam 34 east when it first opened & left after a mega merger years later & been bouncing from server to server finding a home until the next mega merger & repeating the cycle over & over again, the game was new & fun back then until the mega mergers started & all the patches, plus it was not a full time job as it is I find myself only playing the game to be with my fantasy spouse, I keep hoping the lag will be reduced, but instead it gets worse...keep hoping these incompetent devo's get replaced by people with ambition & imagination, but it just gets worse, lamer every day..please bring the fun back to the game
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    Okay, but what exactly do you consider fun?
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      NO LAG & good is doing things in game with friends without all this lag, dc's & black screens...going to level 4 of the atoll for atoll event is now like moving through quicksand...a good drop rate in the lucky exchange so we can hope for something good to drop,....mount loot piles in cloud city as those where fun, not boring like the 4 week gear chase.... player arena, league rumble, ares & venus competitive matching hard to beat wp's when you don't have one same on titans when you are not....same issue in glory road...I could go on forever..I miss tower of kings, dark dragon lair, athena & 3 day a week server gb' nothing to do event wise on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturdays
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        those evenings without events(except guild events) is nice people got tired of having events every night of the week so this is a nice relief there is plenty to do already not every one uses there employers time to play the game
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          no me quit long ago cas of bored. new game in WoW now - much much fun. me wife play and some times she ask me do her chit. so is like me play too. ha ha ha
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