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shops that gonna be closed

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  • shops that gonna be closed

    why they drop that so close before they close? and why dun they remove rthe buy liits from those shops? now some lose stuff they earned and forgot to spend earlier

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    Originally posted by R22289894 View Post
    why they drop that so close before they close? and why dun they remove rthe buy liits from those shops? now some lose stuff they earned and forgot to spend earlier
    i think they have let all know at start of year we had a little more time to spend the different kind of tokens on the shops that where going to disappear .. am surprised myself that they last it this long over 3 months from moment of announcement and stopping the several game parts/shops til now .
    you still can access the shops through yr profile tab in inventory
    and glad i read the reminder i still had some on 1 shop so used that today
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      got to much from 1 shop but that annoying buy limit make me lose pretty much all i had.. got 30K imp ear stuff left.. and the stuff i need can only buy 3Kpoints a a day yes ok its my own fault but think im not the only one who has much left... i find that the dev's should remove buy limits from shop's they gonna remove
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        The original planned removal was scheduled for patch 8.3 in November. This announcement,, told you to work on spending it as soon as possible. It's been 5 months, or very close to 150 days. At 3k points per day, you had enough time to spend 450,000 points. They are not making adjustments to the shops, especially now that pre-launch servers already don't have these shops or the unspent currency. I'm sorry if you did not heed the warning to spend it before now. I highly recommend not sitting on a ton of any currency, because during any patch, a feature can be removed and they might not agree to delay it next time.
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          Imperial Shop (Yarama Coin) - not seen limit if you buy medallion or empire truncheon, can buy in bulk. Could be other shop has a limit.


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            missed that then but then only thing left why they dun remove those buy limits???


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              Well when has they ever fully think something tru ? its allways halfway but when they remove something like imp war and replace it with guild siege thats kinda clue spent items fast, we lucky they told us they goin to remove shops


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                they should remove the buy limits anyway... let us spend what we want and what we have


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                  Also they should release all mounts and let us buy any we want for beast souls anytime we want...not having to wait 10 years or pay 1999 balens for a refresh....


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                    got lucky this week 1 new mount in shop after 3 month's orso nothing