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Level 3 refinement crystals

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  • Level 3 refinement crystals

    Blacksmith should be able to synthesize level 2 refinement crystal to level 3 refinement crystal. I have like 350 level 2 refinement crystal and looking forward to synthesize to level 3 so that i can refine my lvl 60 items (jewels and rings) i purchase from crypt shop.

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    just do 60+ runs solo and mp, you get a ton of blue weapons from them


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      after this new patch, where can i get those lvl 3 refinement crystals, because they are not droping anymore on campaigns?


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        You can't get them anywhere, really. You can make extra gear pieces and recycle them, but that's it as far as I know.

        Just another example of how this game seems to actively hate new players.


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          If you have crypt tokens to spare, you can buy 70 gear from crypt shop for 300 tokens and get 18 level 3 crystals.


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            Post 5.0, new people are kinda screwed.

            You get slightly easier set gear at the cost of needing multiple times the numbers of Soul Crystals, low level gems and whips.

            There was a certain point that if you started playing after, you just werent going to catch up without paying a lot of money. Did you miss most of the old SC/Whip/Gem events? Youre probably still way behind, and getting more behind as we go.


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              Originally posted by R262181389 View Post
              If you have crypt tokens to spare, you can buy 70 gear from crypt shop for 300 tokens and get 18 level 3 crystals.
              Oh wow, I hadn't looked in the crypt shop lately, that's a handy tip, especially since clearing cata twice (or once with key) is more than enough for a level 70 item now. That's less than what I was getting from hero dungeons, but not as unreasonable as I was expecting, especially since you don't need nearly as many refine crystals as you used to.


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                Few days ago I used around 80-90 lvl 4 crystals to make my perfect refined item (with the use of locks). I suppose if you get lucky you will need 50?
                a lvl 70 item from crypt shop (300 token) is 1.8 lvl 4 crystal.. so do the maths...

                I find it a little bit unreasonable but yeah
                we dance the way the song goes....
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