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  • thoughts on the patch

    1. WT revenues have to be down. They stopped giving us any reason to invest time or money in this game in November, when it became impossible to get materials to make our toons grow. It's still impossible, but they've added a ton of stuff that nobody in their right mind would spend on. I have a top 10 sylph. I can afk portal myself. But anyone who pays 200 balens to borrow him for portal is NUTS!

    Lesson: Your revenues will go back up when you make the game a fun MMORPG with real fights, not this watered down pseudofight everywhere stuff. And REAL OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW!

    2. For what reason were cuties created? This has to be the most boring thing the developers have ever conceived. Just busywork. Nothing more.

    I guess better than wartopia, because so far they haven't crashed the game. But still...

    Lesson: Don't try to mirror all games. Simple is better. Want a great idea for the next patch? ROLL BACK ALL THE PATCHES SINCE SEPTEMBER 5, 2017! The busywork will still be there, there will just be a lot less of it! And maybe the game won't dc/freeze/crash on us all the time.

    3. Watch as Kabam takes all the prizes in siege. Many of our servers - especially the forgotten r2 servers - barely have enough people to run 10x10. We ask for separate ranking rewards so we stand a chance at getting the rewards, and what do they do? Create 12x12 model that means we will get LESS rewards, because we can't get server merges and our servers are stagnating. You need a critical mass to kill 12 players, especially if it's 4x per kill. Many of us barely made 10x10. Guild BR means nothing if you don't have enough people left playing.

    Can't speak for other regions -- but Kabam/Gamerocks is promoting players from the lower server cluster and merging them with the East Coast servers. Our server hasn't had a merge since 2016. It's a ghost town.

    LESSON: Attrition is a real thing. If you don't bring fresh blood into dying servers, eventually everyone leaves. Doesn't matter how much extra "new" stuff you add, if there's no people, there's no MMORPG. We need merges with other experienced, active players. If that means all east coast r2 servers in the upper cluster become one, then maybe that's the only solution.

    4. All trust is gone.

    Remember when they told us in December we would get season-end rewards when they chose to end Imperial early? I ticketed it immediately, stated our rank and the fact that our guild was owed the specific number of yarama coins. I know I was not alone. Lots of people I know ticketed. And we were all promised we would get them. Every two weeks since then, my ticket would come back as auto closed. And every two weeks, I would say, "Still no rewards."

    And every two weeks I was told they were poking the developers and to be more patient. And what happens, it was a lie. Never got the rewards and all the effort we put into Imperial was for nothing. Be patient, your opinion won't matter anyway.

    If I had a moneymaker like WT in my back pocket, I'd never do this to my players.

    More busywork, less fun.

    That's today's WT.

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    well said. september 2017 was when they ruined bg. that was the last fun thing in game. now most don't even run it anymore.


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      First of all sorry to hear your server is dying

      Since most you wrote got nothing to do with the patch lol i thought i would respond

      no worrie's even so you state that gamerocks does well, here as well the servers are dying slowly, merging lower cluster as you call it with the higher i think is useless it will drive more away cause no use for a little player to be put by the top while they far below as it read in your writings.

      The main issue is the lag in the game that is why the servers die on r2 on gamerocks and on all the other platforms
      The second Issue is they do not fix things they hide the errors and legitimate complain,s they stall long enough till there is a new patch and just close yr tickets

      You do not need only merges with experienced people you need people willing to play not to take over toons run multiply of them etc
      You need as well people in the game wiling to teach/help new players ( and with new i mean not some morons who keep making new toons everywhere)

      Do not see any promoting of servers from gamerocks since we have had not a single merge's our self for about 2 years now (if not longer)
      How ever we only 1 server group of course(the 1 i am on) Half dead server (proximate 110 real players (losing some every week now) with some players running tons of accounts (keeping them alive) there own made and or got /taken from others so we do not gt merge since it looks like server is really active

      that all said a lot o the medium br players here have fun with the cutie's ...even i do a bit brings the fun back in the chat all wake up again but it is a plaster on a bleeding wound.

      the skygarden is a other story you open it to check what it is well you can close yr growser and restart when ya out cause game or crashes or stalls so bad toy still need to refresh
      Yes i agree as well on the aider lol .. how ever the game is gambling with that on the newer servers to get people to spend to get up fast

      going al the way back to 2017 i think is a bit far ... going back to before patch 8.0 (where the big lag started would be a lot better already) oh and a better data server then where they moved the game's data to in october what caused even a ton load more lag,

      The game should understand this : zachte heelmeesters maken stinkende wonden Sorry its in dutch do not know the english line for that but it says enough

      with other words do not be a softy but have the guts to act and to fix it then keep it smothering till all is infected and totally messed up

      Platform: Former Kabam/wonderhill/gamerocks now temporarily R2(we hope)
      Server : S122 US-East
      Guild : Fenix
      Class : Mage
      IGN : Theonlyghost


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        well eres my two cents worth lmfao

        i thought patch would be nice i was wrong hahaha

        sky garden pay 1k balens to host a party

        cuties does nothing to game only to fiddle around with when u ave nothing to do elsewere

        sharing ur toon so ppl ave to pay balens to use is stupid

        who in their right m,ind will, pay balens on a dying game

        what ever the drugs the devs been using eres a idea get ur money back cuz they not working my wife has strong meds for her illness eres a idea give me 1k balens per tab and u will be high all day hahahhaa

        maybe ur brains will work better on bringing better ideas to game instead of making ppl quit and not spend 1 way to close game fast maybe its chinas way of not caring but in the u.s or u.k if a game is dying they will tell u they closing it instead of trying to grab as much cash so u china ppl can go smoke opium or sing at ur kareoke clubs