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any sense in investing time in stunning?

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  • any sense in investing time in stunning?

    since it is very obvious that the Illiya goddess has been nerfed & does not work properly anymore, I am not happy after months of investment in her, I expect the relic to be next..any sense in possibly wasting time & investment on the cutie demon eye another stunner?
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    I remember when the Holy Seal used to stun..the free players used it in the bg to level the playing field against the big spenders, who cried so much it was changed, looks like the same for the goddess because of pvp complaints
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      If y wana hear my opinion.. most peeps dont wana hear it on BG but.. here it comes anyway. If stuning u opposite is the way u wana play so, go ahead. We will always figure out a way to survive under stun, or then we die, no big deal. We die in this game about 25-100 times /week anyway so one more time dosent hurt so much. But the real reason why I avoid using stun is that it really takes the fun out of battle. I mean, you do fights in PVP bc u wana battle and love a good fight. Then you go stun you opposite so that the only thing she/he can do is shake her hips and smile? And then you win bc you opposite couldnt do anything... and you go yelling woohooo Im so good att this!!! yeah right... what did you do that made you so good? nothing... I prefer a fight whitout stun, where yours and yours opposite battleskills demain who win.
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        anymore in the player arena a lot of players don't even fight, they do nothing the whole battle, which makes the battle long & very boring, so stunning these players means nothing as they are doing nothing to start with
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          agreed with both @R215564585 & @Katjuza , the most we need up to this point it´s new ways to add in-game challenges inside current pvp battles (due that new pvp will finish to kill the by lag). an example of this is the following: entering the group arena in a week where the player can match in order to win rounds with this handicaps and each one with proper prizes or tiles (in a similar way to lord´s trials or demon continent): killing whole party without using debuffs, by reversing damage, draining hp or disabling things like goddesses, eud-wp or sylphs, etc randomly. it will put more fun and tactics for classic fights. i personally would prefer to die in 1 turn rather than dealing with tanker people (seriously, it´s like they think they´re playing "league of legends" and more considering that several people neither play that game right alike). other way, it´s adding new categories inside arena for doing handicap battles when classic ones become boring (taking the last easter egg event as a near example, when we dealed with lot´s of progressive reverse damage round after round, and 1 single background to reduce connection loss). i´m open to more ideas, how about you guys?
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