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few reasonable complains about some wartune features - may 2k19

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  • few reasonable complains about some wartune features - may 2k19

    this time i summit this short post to make public my suggestions about "league rumble" and "guild dungeon".

    1st place for league rumble. it´s already known that several players (inlcuding my guildmates) have the reason about the current selection of battles among the round, reaching even absurd limits in terms of skills and br. what i would like to see it´s to split the league into several sub-leagues based on the current ranks, example: diamond for heavy cashers only, platinum for light cashers only (those 2 groups login religiously every single day), gold for heavy guns and only willpowers, silver for mid br players (with option for using willpowers and eudaemons), and bronze for low br players and only eudaemons.
    another options include splitting the rank into sub-leagues according the passive skills from relics/artifacts, cuties or similar due that happened cases when it´s seen absurd that a single player easily stuns a whole party despite the respective relic triggers with a rate of 15% (nominally) but seems to trigger in a higher rate (least 50% by my calculations), and just for tell the most typical example and without menctioning the addition of the illya goddess and her stun skill. the result in this way will a sub-league only for those who like to make people to lose turns enjoy the "STUNFEST" by their own, and so on who those who reflect damage, heal a lot, tank a lot, etc.

    2nd place for guild dungeon, yet before i want to thank the effort of people like "theghosthimself" among the issue tracking work; seriously, if that feature will be still unaccesible after 2 months and counting i think i should be removed or rather revamped into a new feature, due that this one it´s the only source of dwarven silver. more ideas in this topic include, making sub-leagues into this feature or newer versions of it when we can deploy separately eudaemons, willpowers, sylphs, cuties (or another you would like those add here guys) and in a similar way that eudaemon bounties work.

    let me your thoughts about this stuff guys.
    Few data about me, just to no rewriting on every post manually.

    Player Name = ArcMorpheus
    Server= S31 US East
    Class = Knight
    Guilds Enlisted (in chronological order) = TankWars, Unknown, Mostwanted, & Fenix (nowadays).
    Server = US East Server 31
    Plataform = Kabam / Wonderhill / Gamerocks
    Login from = Google Mail (previously) / Gamerocks (nowadays)