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dev's need readjust win/lose

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  • dev's need readjust win/lose

    lost today 7out of 10 venus battles.. most times we where stronger and had them down on their knees once both and 1 twice and keep on losing ... think dev's need readjust the win/lose thingy... they really can go F themself those incompentent ppl that only care about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    its based on damage dialed so if your venus party had to heal a lot more then the opponent did more damage to you then you to them your group will lose.

    if both teams have start Hp of lets say 35mill , they heal twice back up with 8mill ,and your group heals twice back up with 12 mill ,and with a Hp left of 3mill left on both teams when fight gets ended by clock, then your team loses cause of more damage received then given
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      its just ** this win lose they only lucky R2 made win/lose this way one hit more and we would had won


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        I know supposedly it is who does the most damage but have had fights where don't see how that is the case. Had a fight where the other team was literally going to there knees and both of us still alive, went to timer and we lost. And how do we know for sure it goes by damage? Has someone took note of all the damage numbers in fight to prove this? Maybe they need to put a damage counter in fights.