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Just solo won a Guild battle

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  • Just solo won a Guild battle

    I have a character on S61 Fowlsfield Gorge... the guild I'm in is basically dying, third gm we have had and they are offline 2 days. Tonight I happened to be on when Guild Battle came on... I am usually not because of time zone differences. I was the only player in the guild to show, but more than that I was the only player in EITHER guild to show.

    Took forever cause my character wasn't high enough to damage their tower or had the ability to call chariots.

    But I won.

    screen shots below

    Click image for larger version

Name:	onlyplayerwhoshowed.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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    Yeah, he's SOOOOOOO romantic

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    lol..... never underestimate thy foe

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      Good job
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        nice! I once solo-ed another guild in a new server too as a lvl 23 mage.
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          Well congratz.
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            TACO representin


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              Originally posted by Ratty_Da_Mod View Post
              lol..... never underestimate thy foe

              lol i laugh so hard at that kitten , cute
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                Originally posted by Ratty_Da_Mod View Post
                lol..... never underestimate thy foe

                that kitten is Da winner. probably can take out their whole guild.

                all you need is give it a sword and a pair of boots... ^.^
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                  Lol congrats mate. I remember TGCO from a while back.


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                    pretty cool. lol
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                      Congratz then. (:
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