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end the being attacked in atoll by other players

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  • end the being attacked in atoll by other players

    It is time to end the attack of others in the atoll, this should be sacred ground...yesterday I had a player who was pi ssed off at me, beat me 3 times in the atoll during the boss event in the last 15 minutes making it very hard for me & my party to get the hot event & boss, we did get them, but that is not the point, I think the atoll should be sacred a beef against me sack my castle...btw my br is around 19 mil & theirs is around 79 mil, almost 4 times mine...they also told me my game life was over, I apologized & I hope that calms them down
    Live long and prosper.

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    I'm with you on this for the reason that it can keep players from doing the sylph atoll event, and there are people out there who just DO NOT GET IT that we're supposed to be here for fun.

    Bullies, fools, drama kings and queens...we can all do without them. Atoll attacks should be a separate event with no rewards called Fools' Paradise. Then we'll know who plays it.


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      we shal forward the problem to the right people , so those can see if there is anything they must / can do about it , but cant give u any guarenties