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invisible stuns by the stun goddess Illiya

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  • invisible stuns by the stun goddess Illiya

    If I was following the posts right the mod was saying the stun goddess Illiya is working right & is doing invisible stuns on invisible cuties & this is the reason we do not see them or did I read it wrong on the reported lack on stunning bug posts?
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    lovely.. evil hits back :P
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      Such a poor game management team for the game or the forum.

      Any game company I know of and game I haved played for many years now, are grateful the gamers' community is identifying the bugs contained in the game, there is even for some games, professional testers.

      Here, you report a bug it or ignored or denied (by 1 person vs 10+) or your post is closed without the bug being addressed.Result is: NO POINT REPORTING BUGS.

      I will never again, help in any way, the developpers of this game. No recharge, no bugs reporting, in any sens, good or bad for them.

      In 4 weeks since the patch my goddess on which I worked for months on, has suddenly lost it's MAIN ABILITY, making it useless. I tried reporting the bug in the BUG SECTION as it should be.

      After days of useless discussion by 2 moderators, they closed the thread without even acknowledging THERE IS A BUG.

      I had waited 3 weeks before reporting the bug, waiting to see if it was me or the illya was broken. After 3 weeks I started asking to others in my guild if their Illya had stunned since the patch. Everyone using it said, IT ISN'T anymore.

      1 - They pretended:
      "The devs declare they have made NO CHANGE on Illya"
      Everyone using Illya before patch know, the goddess was bugged as it was stunning WB forcing us to change goddess for WB. After patch, no more stun on WB, NO MORE STUN AT ALL.

      Obviously some change was made. Why lie?

      2- G M equinox pretended:
      "mine works fine"
      And posted a poor screenshot prooving nothing since the pic was cut to a very small portion and showing only a stun but without any icon, which should be a blue head for the goddess's stun or an orange icon, for the relic's stun.

      So here is for you, G M equinox Click image for larger version  Name:	stun1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	508.9 KB ID:	1984495
      Can you tell what the stun is from? No for the simple reason there is no icon, like your poor screenshot.

      Now you can say, well no it isn't the goddess sadly...... but the relic Click image for larger version  Name:	stun2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	509.9 KB ID:	1984496

      So it seems you believe the players just have the time to make bogus reports of bugs.
      I can tell you this, I have other, more interesting things to do than report false bug, but when it affects an item's main ability on which I worked for months on, it bothers me.

      What bothers me even more is when the so callled "devs" pretend they touched nothing, when they OBVIOUSLY DID.

      And what bothers me even more again is when, 1 PERSON VERSUS 10/20 PERSONS pretends it is working for them and then CLOSE THE THREAD because they can.

      You are a joke and a disgrace.

      I have been playing and supporting this game for 6 years, it ends here. I hope it will keep dying as it does lately, as a result of your poor management.

      I therefore don't wish you good luck.

      As to my fellows players I hope you find a new game, that cares about their players and make their gaming experience a good one.

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        I'm sorry the thread got closed, I didn't notice that until now. I would have had no issue with you guys carrying on, as that is often how I find the underlying issue that results in the actual bug being fixed, when the thing being reported isn't really what's bugged. I sometimes play devil's advocate to get you guys to post more about something on purpose when I need more information and no one is willing to post it or to guide you to make a point that needs to be made so I can forward it, and sometimes I just don't experience a bug that everyone else says exists, but I don't ignore any issue even if the devs have said there's nothing wrong. If I left it at the first post with "Will report, thanks" there would not have been a multipage discussion about the subject. The more we talk about it, the closer we get to finding out what is wrong.

        I have never, in 7 years as a moderator on this forum, ever pretended to forward a response from the devs on any game. I asked R2 three times to ask the devs about the stuns. And each time, the devs said they made no adjustments to any goddess skills, the stun is working as intended, and only has a 20% chance to stun. They keep saying, very specifically, there's only a 20% chance to stun, and they made no adjustments to the skill. I have been here long enough to know when there's something between the lines when certain phrasing is used, and I think this is a time when there's something between the lines. People did say for a while that it felt like the stun went off a lot more than 20% of the time. There could have been an issue before, and that wouldn't have been an adjustment to the skill, it would have been a fix, and the goddess is working as intended, with a 20% chance to stun. I will never get that confirmed. Purely speculation.

        I don't know about stuns on cuties, but I do know Equinox doesn't use the stun relic. She does use the Illiya. It's difficult for us to show screenshots of our own experience while keeping a semblance of anonymity. I do understand what the concern is in regards to that screenshot. Since the thread was first posted, and I was asking questions about it, she has made a note to pay attention to the stuns. She's seeing stuns. They aren't coming from a relic that is not equipped. I mentioned early on in the thread that I've seen the goddess stun since the patch - the goddess, not the relic. Several others mentioned in the thread that they have seen the goddess stun, but it doesn't work on the world boss (if that's changed, then that would be a bug has been fixed, and we want the bugs fixed, right?). The world boss is stun immune. It doesn't matter that it could be stunned before, it should never have worked there.

        However, I have noticed that I have not received a stun from a player. Not even from the relic. I have had party members be stunned, but I couldn't tell you where the stun came from. The only thing that's changed for me is I have the cutie equipment set to resist stuns. I have, however, seen chaos and amnesia hit so often that I wonder what the resistance is for, since the patch. In my opinion, based on my own experience in game and with what everyone has been saying in the other thread, it is more likely that the cuties are bugged, not the goddess. Cutie equipment offers resistances and skill procs, and maybe they are a bit more OP than intended, like Illiya's stuns.

        Problem with that theory is I'd need a whole lot more information than I can gather on my own, and we'd need to switch the focus from the goddess to the cutie equipment until that is either ruled out or proven to be the issue. If that's not it, I will try to push the issue with Illiya's stun again, but I would need a different argument than it's not working in world boss to base it on.

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          the goddess used to work on the following but does not anymore vortex boss, zodiac palace, world boss & demon continent, the only pvp stun I have had since patch was once in the player arena..also saw no stuns during weeklies & mpd's from the goddess, my relic still stuns like before...the goddess did seem to stun close to 20& of the time before the patch, but not anymore
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            dun see goddess stunning either anymore... the stun of relic is more annoying that one was casting/working way more then the goddess stun... relic stuns sometimes before or just after the 1st skill