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    So for every1 who think illya dosnt work properly there is reason it cant stun players and it was bugged stunning STUN immune bosses
    Goddess dosnt have Crit So she cant critical hit
    Goddess dosnt have Penetratio so she gets blocked alot
    Goddess dosnt have INFLUENCE players have araund 6k or less so she cant stun players when she is not bugged

    TIP if you use specter talismans on Demon continent she will still stun bosses if you get debuff on boss

    Thank god cuties now we can fight stun relics fairly ish even specter talismans still render over half of are relics useless
    TIP FOR EVERY1 Make undead Cutie and Raise its accessory at max you will have 48% stun resistance and if you get stunned 4 turn immune so no more waiting till end of fight before stuns end

    Now i love seeing these kids crying about their stun not working, all that ***** stun did was broke the game totally and now that they do not get to stun you for full fight they are so mad and pist they cry out...

    When we complained about stun they were like "shud pick the relic or goddess" well now you taste that and ****!

    Please cry here i wanna see all patk users who were weak minded enought to pick stun relic even it has 240k more matk then patk

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    I think you meant now & not noo, proves your all braun...stun leveled the playing field against players with more money then skill & ability...I can live without stun...but the word goddess means any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force....A female being of supernatural powers or attributes,..if they where true goddesses then bosses immune to mortal stun would not be immune to a goddess stun..also a goddess should be able to stun anywhere a relic can..also no force should be able to stop them especially cuties or mere mortals....they should stop referring to them as goddesses as they obviously are not
    Live long and prosper.


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      All this guy wants is Full duration 1 hit button to stun enemys and win fights free till war timer ends and he is happy because he has faster internet then enemy stunner, shud just disgredit anything he says here if you read all hes complains its all the same ***


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        Stun didnt level any ***** playing field if you think so you are ***** delucional as low b players werent only ones abusing it it was every1

        and what comes to LORE you spell out here i dont even read it but seems like ** it like happen to relics specter talismans makde over 60% relics useless and so now its your stun turn thx god


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          And i Really want them to level the playing field because im all out for pvp but not like this *** way you like it free to kill all enemys when they cant do anything... ***** give free players smelt levels and other stuff so they can keep up with battleratings