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  • Speed Challenge Refinement Requested

    Speed Challenge has some challenges beyond the duration of a run.

    Personally, I've experienced a problem telling the difference between red and orange (or is orange supposed to be a yellow?) because the contrast between them isn't that wonderful...the red isn't so rich and deep, the orange is so bland and leans a little toward's a bit of a pain sometimes. But, ok, maybe it's my monitor. Maybe it's me. Everyone has something like this, and if it were just about me, I'd probably just say we're all equal in there and live with it. For me, this isn't the worst thing in the world. But, I'm lucky.

    I've found out there are a couple of my guild members avoiding the Speed Challenge event because they're color blind. (This is one that normally just goes by the radar for those of us with the rods and cones we need to take this stuff for granted.) And one who still gets in and tries hard, but is at a disadvantage. I've also heard in the last two days about 4 other players in my guild actively avoiding the event because they can't tell red and orange/yellow apart in there. And now two players who are saying there's an issue with blue and green. So, it's a real issue. And, as it seems to me to be one of the more fun I look forward to...I want to be part of the solution for others so we can let EVERYONE in on the fun!

    So, I opened a ticket asking Support to forward the idea that in Speed Challenge the actual color names used are also visible (superimposed) over items in text (ie if it's red, the text "RED" over the item as well as the keys, hammers, &c. over the players' heads) so the color-impaired can have a hope of playing the event competitively.

    I'm also aware those involved are a little sensitive. (It's hard to imagine, but have to assume it's like being punked your whole life about this thing called "color" everyone is aware of but you. It's not hard to imagine the part about being sensitive.) So, in getting into the forum to address this, my apologies for perhaps touching a sore spot for some. My goal is to be part of "the solution" in here, and statistically speaking the lack of a text identifier is excluding a set percentage of the Wartune community from having a chance to play and have fun in this one. Not about spend. Not about anything but helping the community at large.

    I'll sincerely hope, given this explanation, this is an easy one for EVERYONE to get behind (or, if you have a better idea, to list in this thread!) so we can be inclusive in making this fun for all!

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    I support, but I need others to say they support for this to be taken seriously when it gets forwarded.
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      This is a great proposal. I do support it and I would be very happy if it be implemented.

      I myself have issues with orange-red-pink and green-blue, having an excellent color vision in RL (maybe it is my ancient monitor), but really very bad overall vision. I do play the speed clearance, but only due to my super tolerant team, who do not mind us doing it for 5-6 min. But for me, it is a real pain.

      So, please, MemoryLane, forward this proposal for me too

      Ignis, R2 S8


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        Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
        I support, but I need others to say they support for this to be taken seriously when it gets forwarded.
        go ahead.. this is a great idea. Me always mixes the red and orange... thanks to my guild fellows and my dear gamehubby they still have patience whit me in speed clearence LOL
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          I would like to put my support behind this idea.


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            Almost everyone I know who does speed as well as myself have trouble telling red from orange...this is a very good idea & I strongly support it
            Live long and prosper.


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              Many people have some form of colour blindness and the contrast on colours isnt that good in speed so good idea and strongly supported


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                Developers are color blind too. i mix up with red and orange as well. they should change orange color maybe yellow or other color.

                Developers need to make the image bigger in speed clearance, all players will have a clearer look of the image.

                Many players will support and i will support too.