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  • wartune events

    what ever happened to wartune may events it hasn't been updated since the may 13th and even that was updated late the events have changed and yet it hasn't been updated I mean I know that its just the same events nothing new but that's besides the facts we are always told to keep a eye on forum for updates but this is one update that's hasn't been changed since the 13th
    Last edited by thor31; 05-22-2019, 02:15 AM.

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    we are caught up in wartunes version of the movie groundhog day, gets real old, real fast, no variety what so ever, at least the dev's don't have to use their imagination, that they sorely lack, same with ambition
    Live long and prosper.


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      And here I thought no one read those anymore.

      It's my fault. It's my responsibility to post them, and I have them, I just haven't had the time. I have been insanely busy for the last couple months, and will be even busier for the next couple of weeks before I will see things settle down. Forum is definitely in the backseat right now, and I apologize for that.

      I did ask for help. You can see how that went.
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