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Need help -A Good Guide For Archer Talents- Post Here pls

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  • Need help -A Good Guide For Archer Talents- Post Here pls

    i try serch here but i dont find no one make a guide for talents in archer build iff someone have good infos post here pls ty anyway

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    take ure stun on lvl5 then only talent for more crit 5% def and bloodthirtsy... for lvl2 they need 15lvl of stun and gives only 20% of lvl1 (5% def 1lvl +1% for each next) its waste of exp. first get max lvl then warry about talents


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      umm i would get your stun as high as possible, also only get the 5% damage decrease for now. As an archer your problem is that you cannot chain skills as well as other classes, so the talents don't really give a great deal of bonuses since your skills require high rage in order to chain them.


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        use Doubel skills?
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        Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
        Class - Archer
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          double skills doesn't work with talents