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greedy direction of the game

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  • greedy direction of the game

    with the big greedy direction that this game has gone, I am very seriously considering leaving the game, I have played this game since year one & these are the dumbest & greediest devo's we have ever had....I have no idea on how free players succeed in this game anymore...I do spend between $100 to $200 a month, but I know some who spend a grand a week...looks like the game is taking a turn to big money events & bad event rewards to boot...the drop rate has been nerfed down big time in all drop events, you rarely get wings & mounts to drop anymore...they keep this up & only big spenders will remain as they keep making the game & events less enjoyable for a big majority of players
    Live long and prosper.

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    one thing I have noticed is that there appears to be more alts then actual players in the game now, which inflates the number of people actually playing the game now & is making a lot of dead server clusters as there is far less actual players then the dev's believe there is...willing to bet these dev's have no idea what an alt is or if they have ever played the game
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      One of the metrics is for unique logins, so one account or fifty on the same IP would only count as one unique login. If there's 5000 characters logging in on a server cluster, but the metric only shows 3000 of them being unique, then they know a good portion of those characters come from the same household.

      The frustration of having content behind a paywall is understandable. If someone wants to spend, but they have maxed out every system, they need to be given things they can spend on, like wings, mounts, clothing shards, gachapon rewards with a side exchange to incentivize participating, the newest items in the game. This isn't so much about greed as it is just keeping the business going so that those who don't or can't spend, or spend as much, can play, and those who reached the end of the available content still have something to work toward.
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        just did the math on the snowman in the gachapon 30 snowman is 100 plays at one at a time is $55 do in batch of 10 is $50, you need 51 snowmen to definitely get a piece of clothing for a 4 piece set...if your lucky enough to get 4 different pieces it will only cost you between $350 to $462....the odds of getting a different piece each time is usually 75%, in the words of Dirty Harry; "You've got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"......’really not for me, if you can more power to you, good luck & have fun
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