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    I would like to ask what are the designated clothing level to get the special clothing by synthesizing clothing start from level 4 with fashion cores. For example I have level 4 weapon which is the Vampiric Fury, if I synth it with fashion cores is there a chance that I can get another special clothing? or I need to accelerate my level 4 into level 5 before I can get another special clothing. kodi

    I want the Evil Dragon Horn special clothing so I keep trying it with my level 4 with cores but keep failing.
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    clothing basically come from events, your wasting your fashion cores..the clothing you get rewarded by engulfing is just one piece, you will not get a complete outfit that way...basically you must spend real balens aka money to get complete outfits, 3 of the pieces will drop in the lucky exchange, but the wings drop once in a blue moon now as they nerfed the rate of drop for them..wait to do your gear for the clothing identification & upgrade event as you get clothing shards in the event save up enough & get a complete outfit that is listed in another hot event, unless you spend real money & a lot of it nothing comes easy in this game as the dev's do not have a heart of gold, they make scrooge look like santa claus
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      keep ur fashion cores for the events

      save clothing shards u get from any event so once u got 150 clothing shards u can get a set from events

      or try ur luck if u get a clothing key for the clothing boxes u may get a good piece of clothing