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Can there be reverting changes to some modes in future wartune patches ?

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  • Can there be reverting changes to some modes in future wartune patches ?

    Hello everyone,I've been playing Wartune from 2014,so about 5 years ago.I remember the good-old days when we could use vouchers to buy farm crop slots and meditate our sylphs to gain exp in the farm area.Why I started the topic like this is because Wartune came in with a bang and a rise in popularity with many modes and interactions in betwwen players that left a lot with a great impression of the game.But nowadays,on the forums,scrolling trough player feedback everyone keeps saying the same words: give us ways to improve our character and don't leave us hanging every month with lucky exchanges.Wartune has feel quite aa bit from the glory that had some years behind but is keeping grounds and players still.
    But as a player that was very orientated towards the PvP aspect,I was destroyed when I came back to the game about half a year ago and found Battlegrounds,a mode that was literally infested with players and carts were roaming all around.There was a very enjoyable time when the current chat was spammed from so many cross server players and simply put,THEY WERE FUN AND ACTIVE (except from when you were getting angry from a dyrad player beating your a$$ ).The arenas were equally as good,with players looking for guildies in the same bracket and pushing almost every game into overtme.The insignias were well earned and spent.Tank trials was probably one of my favourite modes,even though it was soooo RNG based,but that alone this 3 modes were pushing me everyday to spend time and time again to look for ways of maintaining my level bracket while polishing it. It was FUN.

    Now what the hell happened to BG's and arenas,regardless to the whole world prosperity and the fact that we have no reason to gog to 80.The mode in itself is dead,I feel like the flag aspect has pushed away the fighting potential and PvP aspects.I really would love the devs to revert this mode or make other changes to it,because I've been stuck alone countless times in one and I had to waste almost 9 mins to get 5k just to get out of that ''FLAG RUNNING SIMULATOR'' shi.tty situation.Arenas seem broken aswell,because there are no players to fight in the respective brackets ?No that can't be cause the game is still being played by all level players.Then what's the point in starting a server and occasionally getting to fight against guildies BUT being blasted everytime a DC player fights your 30-40-50-60 whatever level character or seeying a player with a titan on the opposing half.I'm preety sure it can get fixed from this completely busted matchmaking,cause I've met players from my level bracket from older servers even though I had a new server created character.

    Now onto the server lag,altough it's preety bad most of the times,I gotta say there's been an increase in speed that I noticed while fighting trough dims on 832,went and tested in some Spire and heavy-lag areas and it's been reduced,even if it was by a tad.I'm not quite experienced in all this lag-related stuff,if someone coud clarify how the lag aspects could be reduced without wartune servers being tweaked while we play,cause most of my guildies didn't notice the increase in speed I was getting.

    Another small topic I wana hit is,with all these modes being removed,why are there still synthetisable mounts or items that belong to those modes there?I really don't get this one,if some players still have leftover shards for exchange just put them in an exchangable event that lets them get specific thing they had the shards for.

    That's about what I want to say and ask.Feel free to discuss this topic,I'll be in the comments section reading and if I remember some other things I wanna rant and ask about I'll make sure to update it at that moment.Thanks a lot for reading and hopefully we will see some better changes in future wartune patches !

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    I miss the old guild battles 3 times a week, loved the teamwork & the intense rivalry between the guilds, guild siege sucks
    Live long and prosper.


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      Originally posted by R215564585 View Post
      I miss the old guild battles 3 times a week, loved the teamwork & the intense rivalry between the guilds, guild siege sucks
      Tru af,thanks for reminding me.I was about to rant about that and Amethyst Mines aswell,that were a good area where you could either fight for better loot or a restricted area (L2) in wich you couldn't attack eachother and farm peacefully.There's good stuff that was removed and never looked into.

      IMO I would LOVE if they would revamp some of the older features and reintegrate them into the game.I don't like Guild Siege and The Dragonchant/Rift system.Outside of taking away the hero perspective and giving you a complete other ****** symbiote to work towards is preety lame.The rift system I don't know much about just that it causes MASSIVE outrages inbetween guildies and is very RNG based from what I heard.I despise that system,it would have been better if they would add something else after knighthood that buffs your main without having to switch between ******* Avatar lookin and the hero character


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        Well written feedback is always appreciated.

        The devs have said they will not revert changes made to the battleground. BG has been revamped twice, based on player feedback, following a full decline in participation. This iteration of BG does incorporate all of the feedback that has been posted, sent via ticket, mentioned in surveys, and posted on social media. The devs have confirmed, several times, that they will not be making changes to the current mechanics. I'm trying very hard to insist that a couple of tweaks to current mechanics is not a change, just an update to how it impacts the overall BG, and how it should have been when it was rolled out. These things are minor - the flag to give less points, and the dryads from killing mobs to be less than what we get from a death. Unfortunately, the devs don't think it will make a difference in participation and thus be a waste of time, money, and effort, since players have also suggested removing honor loss and bringing back brackets, which are not going to happen.

        Tanks topped the list as one of the least liked events at the time. In terms of continuity, the inclusion of tanks was always confusing. It was replaced with Castle War. No one likes Castle War. Tanks won't be coming back, though. You can get tank mount shards from Castle War, if that's one of the mount shards you were referring to.

        Arena is suppose to match by the points bracket first, then by level second, then by whoever is not currently fighting third. Because we get to choose when we start matching, sometimes this can seem broken, but according to the devs, it's not broken. I'm not on for Arena, so I can't tell you from first hand experience if any of that is true.

        "why are there still synthetisable mounts or items that belong to those modes" Some things were removed from the game, and so you would need to sell off anything you have from systems that were removed. Other things were moved elsewhere, like tank mount shards to castle war. If you mention which items specifically you are referring to, we can tell you if it's been moved or removed.

        A lot of people like Dragonchant. They like the progress they've made in areas of the game with it. If done right, you can change the balance of a fight to your favor, even with a huge gap in battle rating. Like with all features, there will be some who don't like it, and others who will refuse to use it. Dragonchant mainly exists to give people who have done everything else something more to do, and now we have Cuties for those who needed something after completing DC.
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          what I can say so many complained about lag in pvp events that the devs change it now it's more a solo game with time consuming, the weekly dungeons are so easy no more challenge, the game is boring now and many continue to play because of friends the made over the years, the hot events are boring, look like Devs think for newbies only, many stop to spend since we don't even know what will happen with Wartune when Flash won't be support. more and more old players who where spending a lot quit the game. So please think about it if you want to have players to continue to spend.


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            beg to differ as the dev's favor the spenders especially the whales most, clothing events only they can do aka Gachapon or others that can only be completed by spending aka Cloud City loot projectors..guess where the main source is for hard to get items like pennant ascension stones, right spender is free to play, but pay to compete & win
            Live long and prosper.