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dragonchant is been overpowered

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  • dragonchant is been overpowered

    Players believe that is been nerfed only because they have lost br and attack. I've checked them skills: chance to reduce a lot opponent aweking, amnesia some skills, flame x3 damage (a skill 500% will become 1500%. what????).

    Dragonchant has ruined this game, as random stun. Where is strategy for use the dragonchant ? it's all random effects and will win giving annoy others. I'm an Archer with defensive knighthood. Now my class will be became fully useless with dragonchant. And play with offensive is became useless since years. Why all should use to all costs this UGLY dragonchant ? Which sense have 3 classes and we'll use in future only dragonchant because will be terribly strong?

    Wartune, please, stop to continue to add RANDOM things. Never liked them! Where are factors where we may win thank our abilities?

    Actually play at wartune and play afk in this game, is pratically same thing. I've started to press rarelly hotkeys, because game it's too easy and passives do all other things. Pratically this game play solo, without players...

    every hero has his hamster!

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    So sad and so true!


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      It's not x3 damage, it's basically a 1-turn 300% bleed, but otherwise you're so right. The skills trigger so often you can completely shut down an opponent by stealing all their rage, awakening, and chaos/amnesia-ing them constantly. Add the much higher stun rate and it's like you shouldn't even bother to play, since you'll be locked out.

      I really don't understand why the devs keep thinking that players will enjoy not being able to use their skills, sylph, or even just do anything at all half the time.

      At least the specter debuff is slightly less infuriating, even if only by comparison. Doesn't matter if you're debuffed when you're stunned or lose a turn to low rage/awakening...


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        the old dragonchant more stronger damage than the patch. But takes more buff/debuff now. If get a debuff awakening skill less 1500-2400 that's too much and player can't awaken. That's absurd. They should change from 150 to 240 instead. I don't know if debuff awakening points works also. I don't know if for real to lose awakening points. Hope it's a typo error.