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Your patches are killing the game

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    someone a remedie to reduce this annoying ****** lag and delay's?need relog 30 times a day during events lag lag lag all goes slow skills need 30 sec or more.. its getting really annoying


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      Originally posted by john330 View Post
      Each new patch makes the game laggier, with more tedious busywork. this one is the worst yet. For example -- If you wanted to remove sylphs from the game, why not just take them out? Why put in dragonchant skills that never let them awaken? And a bazillion more levels of cuties dungeon -- one of the most disliked elements of game yet? Part of me wonders if html conversion is too daunting. Are you looking for the game to die by attrition, players just outright quitting? ...I loved this game. What a shame to see it die like this.
      My sympathies. And I think your point is exactly right and important.
      Please also look in the list of threads here in the Discussion section for the one simply titled Lag...and feel free to add there regarding the lag portion of your concerns.
      You're not the only one making many of these points.

      In trying to be fair, Cuties, and many other updates, might be better received if lag wasn't killing game play so much that we don't see the game as it was intended to be implemented. That point, too, is being made over and over, and it's hard to know with the communications blackout often between devs to the players if any are receiving and correctly interpreting the urgency of this issue, and its many levels of problem as 7Road wants these players to return for other games later. But, as I've said elsewhere in this forum, Cuties seem like a waste of compute resource to me, and it's tough enough with other lag to want to make room for more when what we need is vastly less.

      Originally posted by sexyredhead1966 View Post
      i am so mad, was almost finally at 20 million br and now have to work that much harder again to get that. thats so not fair.
      In sympathy with your goal for BR. But, be aware this impacted everyone. So, your BR represents the same earned reward for your effort as it did before.
      At 20M BR, you didn't lose any ground in proportional relation to any other players who implemented Dragonchant...probably less than some at the higher end of the BR scale.
      Replacing this, the accessory stuff might, in time, get you better and growing BR gain, and you probably lost less than some who are in the 100M range...imagine waking up 5M or more short of 100M suddenly, instead of just 1M or 2M short because of this change. It doesn't seem like it right now, but this will probably help your BR more in just hurts a lot right now as we're all still trying to get back the loss on this one.