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Can't contribute gold to the Guild

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  • Can't contribute gold to the Guild

    Many members can't contribute gold to the Guild today including me.
    What's happening? I refresh change browser no change and yes I have enaugh gold

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    make screenshot that shows guild wealth is on max ..then if still possible extend vault page's to max ... then file ticket for changing how guild wealth is being used and or to extend the amount guild wealth can be.
    In Case your guild gains some room again with extending the duration of the vault page's then make sure they all just do the minimum for donating to guild till the dev's will make a adjustment
    what might be somewhere in 2020 if ya lucky
    Platform: Former Kabam/wonderhill/gamerocks now temporarily R2(we hope)
    Server : S122 US-East
    Guild : Fenix
    Class : Mage
    IGN : Theonlyghost


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      they are annoying they need raise buy limits got 37mil contri .....