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The Ups and Downs Wartune

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  • The Ups and Downs Wartune

    During My time in the world of Wartune I have found that the Ups of the game are the people who have become friends. Those who I can text and joke with, who know my family and I theirs.
    We all know those we call acquaintances in the game they come and go, But the friends, real ones stay and create a bond that goes beyond the down side of the game. The lag, the bugs the constant dc'n they just become ways for us to joke and laugh a little more getting us past the frustrations the game has on a daily bases. I know a lot of us have seen some great friends and players pass away before their time. and We all post prayers and send light to their friends and family. I have always been one to send some prayers and light to those who have lost good friends from this game, I know how hard it is to find friends who are not just invested in high powerful they are in the game, but invested in how powerful friendship can become through a game. Today I have lost such a friend many knew her as a funny and always positive person , not much got under her skin , she could talk to anyone unlike I who likes to sit back and watch things. So to those of you who knew DadsLilMnstr ( Domi) she passed away yesterday of a cerebral hemorrhage.
    And today I realized that the Ups of this game is not the game itself but the many people we meet and stay friends with outside this game out way all the downs of this game.
    She will be missed greatly
    Laugh at those who are profoundly ignorant of things around them that are different . Makes you the better person, cause your always walking around with a smile that seems like you just got laid. And that is always better .

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    Sorry to hear about your friend
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