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Game Suggestion: Magic Dust

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  • Game Suggestion: Magic Dust

    Hi all Developers,

    In the Magic Inn, after buffs are maxed to cards, there is excess Magic Dust being accumulated.

    Let the Inn-Keepers open mini- exchange shops and use the Magic Dust to purchase random/ unusual / rare/ unexpected items.

    There are currently 5 Inn-Keepers. Let each of them have one/ two specialty Item for sale for a limited time only.

    Please make sense with these items. for example: one frigga or one completed ready sylph equipment or full compliment of Eudamon green flames.

    just saying


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    thank you for your suggestion , we gonna make notice of it and try to forward it


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      Originally posted by Mentor_Erasor View Post
      thank you for your suggestion , we gonna make notice of it and try to forward it
      nice, by the way, thereĀ“s also the posibility to make a future for exchanging the dragon essence for their respective equivalent of holy dragon essences? (.. you can set the scale of exchange in order to cleanse inventory space at least).
      i also thought the same for exchanging mount hoofs for mount whips for cleanse more inventory space and fullfil the upgrade of magic mounts at once, without menctioning soul seals/soul crystals for smelting stones.
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