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Willpower Patrol Bounties

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  • Willpower Patrol Bounties

    In the Eudaemon Patrol area, we get to use Willpowers in collecting Bounties.

    However, they apparently can't be used for all three levels of Bounty at once at a post, as individual eudaemons or groups can be used.

    This seems to be the intent, as listed in the Patch 7.8 notes, so I'm not suggesting this is a bug.

    However, for many reasons, I dislike this implementation. For one, just going to level 80, I was well-prepared and immediately used six of my eudaemons to make three level 12 willpowers.
    Because of that, I'm getting a penalty in Bounties because it's now suddenly much harder for me to achieve rewards because I can't even use half as many willpowers to achieve results at half as many posts because of the design...I've gone not from 6 to 3 but from 6 to 0 in getting all rewards at the post.

    There was an initial implementation period when eudaemons were all brought on line, too, giving us some better rewards. We're not getting those now, not even close in some regards, so even if I can replace high-level eudaemons, it's going to both take a long time and it's going to bog down a game that's been het up to force me to level's not happening any time soon, so it's a pretty big penalty for making willpowers.

    And, within the event, it's really not terribly clear. If I can use a willpower in the first place, why do its stats not qualify all the time for all the patrols as would a eudaemon...are they not supposed to be superior?

    So, with this as a starting point, I want to suggest we ask to modify the Bounty Patrols to allow a willpower to act identically to a eudaemon, so that levels, skill levels, war emblem levels, and all the rest, are treated the same way as if a willpower and eudaemon were equivalent. And since merging leaves you half as many willpowers and eudaemons anyway, we're still somewhat accepting a built-in penalty in some regard...but, I'm saying better 50% than 100% penalty on this issue as a cost of the merging.