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  • Talisman converter

    For your Next Patch I am HIGHLY recommending, just as you have a Gem converter, that you also have a TALISMAN Converter.
    The system is poor dispenser of talismans...a true unnecessary bias.

    Hope i get backing on this. Its no issue for the Big Boys, but for those starting out, it is bias. cheers.

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    You're saying something that converts, say, a Sunlight Talisman to a Spectre Talisman for a little bit of gold?

    Interesting idea, and might only help people get competitive.

    With this, as it's all in the same tab, I'd add that I'd like to see the same tool convert between PATK & MATK, or to make an entire talisman one or the other depending on the top skill stat.
    That helps even the stronger folks who are getting Rift Runs, so would make it a useful tool for everyone.


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      I guess he means, convert ghoul talisman to all talisman of you choice (specter, moonlight, sunlight, resurgence, ghoul and aegis) which includes patk and matk. It's hard to get a certain item to complete a set. It's a good suggestion.


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        It isnt hard at all. Most have full sets, and most are working on having all 4 talisman per slot completed out. Patience and persistence is the key.
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          It is hard to get it, if you're unlucky and got the wrong type of ATK which doesn't help with your damage, then you're doomed for, because of this, I can't even deal enough damage to kill the time vortex bosses before they stack like crazy and eventually kill me. You say patience and persistence? I say, luck-based game :/ And don't get me started on the rift or possessions...