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new events and lucky exchange

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  • new events and lucky exchange

    this game is in need of new events its been nothing but the same events over and over the ones we liked were likely removed because players were enjoying the events now the events are back to the same old ones with little excitement of what event will be next and lucky exchange has been reduced to 4 types that rotate between them every other week with little chance to get what we need from it

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    You need to be specific about what you're hoping to see.
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      make the events like this and people should come back to this dying game...


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        Gift Piles - suggestions to developer, add polish orb, slyph orb.


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          Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
          You need to be specific about what you're hoping to see.
          Goddess Event
          - Wave Crystals
          - Charm Mace

          Cast Stone Event
          Smelting Stone Event
          Polishing Orb
          Sylph Soul Orb

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            we gonna try to forward your wishes to the right persons , cant promise in advance , but we do our best to try