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Good bye wartune

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  • Good bye wartune

    well time to leave, the game is just getting so stupid and no enjoyment in it any more just way too much stun i see no reason to play and spend any more, why spend to get stronger when you spend most of the time stunned and cant do any thing, we all know why the Devs are putting stupid things like this into the game they are trying to run away all the big ppls because they want to convert the game to HTML5 and they wont be able to migrate our account data over so get rid of us first, they are doing a great job so many is leaving the game lately so my 119 million BR character will be giving to another player that wants it

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    You have absolutely no idea what they need in order to migrate us over, and flash isnt stopping. The support of flash is, but that is it, it will still be usable. I am going to close this fear mongering post.
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      I'm going to slide in a note here,

      The rumor regarding converting to html5 but not being able to migrate account data started based on an article that is a couple of years old regarding an entirely different version and platform of Wartune, and has nothing at all to do with the english version or the pc browser version in any language.

      'H5' is not short for html5, it is a coined term being used for mobile games that run through mobile browsers.
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