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Blocked in dungeon

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  • Blocked in dungeon

    Hi Admin or Moderator,
    I'm blocked with an other player in eud war, impossible to start the battle, and we can't do anything, after many refresh for both of us, we are directly in the battle and the battle don't start, each time is like that...
    I sent a ticket to the support but maybe they will respond, or maybe not like sometimes, so what can i do except stay blocked for maybe some days or more ???
    Ty vm for help

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    Go offline for 1 hour, it times out and should kick you.


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      I went offline for almost 24h and finally out of dungeon... Ty for answer martinus
      R2 said the same thing as usual, clear cache, change browser etc, and nothing worked...
      Anyway i guess i have understood where the problem was, before entering in dungeon we tried to match cross server mdp, cause no one matched after some minutes, we canceled and entered in eud war, and stay blocked... i guess there was a bad interaction between cs mpd matching canceled and the entering in the eud war, who isn't cs mpd... so be careful with these quirks from R2