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remove grap post

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  • remove grap post

    would like to see grab post gets removed

    its an very old event wich almost no one enters as most see it as time wasting

    would like to get a other event or nothing to replace as the game is allready busy enough

  • #2
    grab post waste of time and often teas in it that keep swapping guilds for max rewards.. if they cant get max in 1team they switch guilds till they get ax rewards... R2 should put in a block for those guild swappers to prevent them join oc for a week... that should stop that insane guild swapping..

    grab post just annoying for so lil reward... and the aechange rate in shop is to low to 20 smeltstones a day while in other shop you can buy 999 at once but stuff you need for that is harder to get


    • #3
      get rid of post grab and just keep crystal war


      • #4
        I hate responding with if you don't like it, don't do it, but in this case, you can choose to not participate, and you'll still get passive rewards from it, so there's no reason to remove it.
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        • #5
          to many people are still cheating in this event, thats why I say remove it as R2 can not stop it !!! and rewards for 1 post are so low that it makes me sad you even mentioned it


          • #6
            if you dun show or respond if some try to take post you end up with only your hoe castle so you lose the "easy" reward


            • #7
              and also it takes to much time, 1 freaking hour in total a day, thats a lot for such a dumb event like that if you ask me


              • #8
                It never amazes me when I get to read that certain things are still a problem in this day and age. I am always for a fair match up and fight when I was running my own team of units against those that have more than us. I sometimes shrug off those who would cheat by either making their guilds light so they can be matched with those that have the same similar locked BRs or just have their members switch to a waiting guild that has a good amount of people, posts, and rewards.

                I think I had made a suggestion where a guild could not take in members once the season starts and others had made a suggestion that members cannot leave a guild once a season starts, but it's been a while since I had made a statement or played in such.

                My only suggestion is to take the rewards as they are and hope the next time they won't match you with said cheating guilds/servers as opponents.
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                • #9
                  true thing Meikura .. they need to lock the teams at start of season and f you leave guild during season you not able to join a oc during that month again or penalty of a week