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ok not sure where to post this

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  • ok not sure where to post this

    but all i get is black screen on main loading page for wartune. S36 Zanora

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    I was able to log Wartune Gamerocks server east 36. So if there are problems, its probably on your end. I tested both browser and mini client, both were able to log on. So only advice I got for you is to go trough basic trouble shooting of clearing cache, etc. There used to be some problem where the game wouldnt launch/had some weird error message if you had https://... its was fixed by dropping the s from it. But I couldnt even replicate that issue this time around.


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      trying everything now so far not so good


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        For Gamerocks Wartune or for R2 Wartune?
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          I believe the player got back in to Wartune Gamerocks, S36. It's still a VERY rocky road there and in our guild alone we are still completely missing about 10 we expect should be active.