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    Which cheaper to do Loki or Odin? as new server we struggling to get a merged sylph and i saw many players rushing Loki & Tyre although i saw that sylph is very limited to dmg after you max its refines, so i wonder if it better to do 2x red then odin or 2x orange > loki > odin , Which cheaper and faster? although someone told me you pay double adv mahra to max 2x red instead of only 1 , is that also true?
    It seems many questions sorry for that hope to get answers on all of them, thanks.

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    If you arent spending (Bound) Balens on the merge but want the item, its likely one and the same timewise to get merged sylph as I would imagine merge item to be the bottleneck. Merging at orange is cheaper as you wont have to upgrade 2 sylphs but just the 1 merged to red. The question, imo, comes down to the fact if you get use out of non merged red sylph(s) while waiting for the merge item. If the answer is no, merge at orange. If answer is yes, might as well invest a bit more materials to get to use red sylph faster.

    On a roughly month old server I got Hecate at 2 moons already. Probably close to getting it red on next sylph events cycle in 2 weeks. So I am not too afraid of the advanced mahra and advanced sepulcrum really is no bid deal to get in comparison. I am doing this because I get advantage by working on my main sylph instead halting progress for however many months to wait for the merge item. The rest of the sylphs I`m going to merge at orange however cause it is in fact cheaper. To give an example,I`m on merge item currently at 3,1k/20k so definitely ways to go and it`ll be my bottleneck for merged sylph.


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      When I did it, it was much cheaper and faster to merge to Loki/Tyre/Freya, then upgrade from there. It will cost more moon rocks/dust and emblems, but a lot less advanced mahra. The question is whether you can get the adv. mahra faster than you can get the emblems and moon stuff. I think bbs can buy any of those resources, but it's very pricey.
      If you're getting plenty of advanced mahra, then it's easier to make 2 reds, but that is tens of thousands of adv. mahra lost. Also a lot of adv. sepulcrum, but that's generally easier to come by.

      So if you figure out how much adv mahra you can collect in a month, that should give you an idea of how much extra work it is to go the 2 reds route. Somewhere around 25k to do one from orange to red, IIRC.
      And if you don't have enough saved up, watch for event trades for moon, sun, and emblem mats.


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        Looks like a good idea ..


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          As others have stated, in general, it is cheaper to merge at orange since you're then upgrading 1 sylph to red quality instead of 2. With the current way events cycle, the emblems/dust/rocks are easier to get than advanced mahra, since you can get them from the event exchange.
          The main advantage of merging at red is that you have the use of a red sylph while getting the other one you intend to merge to red and getting the merge item. The main advantage of merging at orange is that you consume less advanced mahra. In my experience, advanced mahra is the harder resource to get (assuming that you are not spending $).