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Anybody happen to read Chinese?

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  • Anybody happen to read Chinese?

    So I finally managed to find patch notes for CN servers, mind you I was scouring trough a lot of different sites trying to find the information. Its kinda embarrassing to admit I didnt think of in game notice till later and as such I could of found this info week ago, lol.

    Anyways, I been doing this for other Chinese games in past (troughh translation tools) so I have somewhat an handle on translating the language w/o speaking it but it could be new terminology for not doing this for this game in past or the explanations just being vague. Either way, the translation I managed to come up with doesnt make much sense on most parts.


    My poor translation of said images:

    1. Add magical road into the game, seal distracting thoughts and show the powerful strength of the avengers themselves.

    2.Add a magical system and add a boost to the road of the gods. Not only does the attribute improve but makes avengers skills like the tiger(Also means when referring to person somebody who is very determined and strong).

    3.Add competition to win the autumn game, together the like-minded lords pick boss, fight in the end!


    1.The number of items for refining attribute of Fengshen(Three-turn) equipment is increased to 20.

    2. Some items are adjusted to be sold from backpack.

    3.The road to redemption is adjusted to gods(three turns)

    4. The road to revenge and the degree of difficulty in the mainland to increase the convenience of purchasing physical power.

    5. Activate ask adjustment, adding some new task types.

    6. Gem synthesis function optimization, now you can automatically synthesize high-grade gems continuously.

    7. The price of buying revenge purchases physical strength and the price of BOSS is adjusted to 200 balens and 80 balens.

    Bug fixes:

    1. Fix a bug where the number of St. Dragon`s soul is sufficient to prompt "insufficient quantity". (Dragon soul fix, guess there was some issue with getting error not enough materials even if you had enough).

    Edit: Forgot to add, sorta unrelated. I did some projections based on patch dates we gotten in past and I expect patch to hit within a month. This patch being released on CN at 9/30 would suggest its not too far off from us.
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    As a none native you did a pretty good job in getting the most part out of it.

    A few minor things you may have missed:

    2.???? literally means to add wings to a tiger (making an already strong figure even stronger).
    3,???? to grasp every second (to hurry up). Similar to the magical road in 1, which I suspect is some new system (like Path to redemption).


    So called Fengshen or three turns probably refers to Peerage or Knighhood in class advancement.
    Backpack means inventory
    4.Quick HP purchase added in road to revenge and demon continent. Here "HP" could mean Nemesis cores and Goddess tears respectively.
    5.Adjusted devotion system


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      Thanks for the input, really appreciate the translation. As for me having pretty good take, I have reasonable amount of experience translating Chinese with tools of today as for whatever reason the games I play always end up being of Chinese origin, not Korean which would be more common but Chinese.

      But yea, seems like we getting yet another new system in the next patch, which is sorta interesting to me because we just got peerage/nemesis. So I would of expected them to expand existing systems over adding new ones. Then again this is the last patch of the year and generally with all the holidays coming up we wont get next one till late spring if last year is anything to base over. So having something new added for us to work on makes sense.

      Edit: Also quickly looking at the CN character I got, its lvl 16 to be able to see notices, I realized new icon on top.

      I believe this is the autumn game thing, the rules:

      In short of the ones not reading chinese, its a 4v4 event, I didnt really pay much energy into understanding it yet but it seems like a small scale BG with more/different objectives.

      The rewards:

      I dunno from what time period these rewards are, was unable to quickly find that information with my tools, but thats significant amount of resonance crystals.

      They added 3rd chest for weekly devotion:

      Rewards in chest:

      800 bound balens
      20 euda passive skill book
      10 cast stones(?)
      80 advanced sepulcrum
      5 lvl 3 divinity souls
      30 life blood

      And thats bout what I can find on level 16 toon right now, most interfaces are locked behind levels and as such not accessible to me. Well I did notice there was 7 guild related devo things compared to 5 we got now unless my tired eyes betrayed me.
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