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Armorgames US West and US East now on GMT?!?

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  • Armorgames US West and US East now on GMT?!?

    I logged my ArmorGames account, and after the usual post merge fun of having to change my character name and super long load times for everything, couldn't help but notice a lack of events being on at the expected times. The event times still displayed correctly, but the events were not up. Then I looked at the server time and the reason became clear. You guys changed the time zone on us. That's just flat out dirty. I'm not talking a shift of 1 or 2 hours, but a shift of such magnitude that players who have time in the evenings and work during the day cannot attend any events at all.
    If this isn't an error, then shame on you R2. You're doing your players dirty and it's probably going to drive even more players from the game. Merging with such drastically different time zones isn't a net benefit to the players as our new server mates aren't on when we are. Its a population increase on paper and a big middle finger to the community.

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    maybe u should ask..
    why r2 moved your server "US West and US East" to European server?


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      I did ask, via ticket, and got no answer other than it was the dev's decision and irreversable. More likely than not, it has to do with making the server look more populated on paper and who cares if it forces a bunch of folk to quit? Its rendered my character on that server as little more than a hot events preview character, as its now impossible to earn most of the free stuff the specific time of day only events give away. I can't even sign up for Eudaemon Domain anymore because its always in the wager period when I log in.