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Why R2 move Armor Game "US West and US East" to European server? listen

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  • Why R2 move Armor Game "US West and US East" to European server? listen

    Why R2 move Armor Game "US West and US East" to European server?
    This is a very unfair practice for all players

    I feel so strange.
    The server time r Big Difference for US West , US East and European , but R2 merger them together.
    no info , no forum and nobody "R2" told or explained on world chat to let players know it

    Do you think it's fair to the players?
    or you think players' dissatisfaction should be ignored ?
    or you think players should accept developers' discards quietly?

    omg, the developers treat players like this.

    to developers .
    A successful game is driven by players.

    to all server players ,
    We can selfishly but all of this is telling us. we are losing friends and keep losing players on this game .
    and soon we will also encounter the same treatment
    Please help them

    to Armor Game players and other server ,
    Stand Up!!
    Your silence will only make them ignore you more

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    I already submitted a ticket complaining about it and was told that it was the dev's decision and irreversable. R2 Support could not or would not give me a why and every suggestion I've made to make things right they've said can't be done. I believe the devs are 7Road and R2 is just one of the larger hosts for the game. Last word R2 Support gave me (before refusing to respond any further and closing the ticket) was that the "issue is with the devs". Based on other tickets that have gotten that response, that means R2 cannot or will not do anything about it and the devs, if they are aware of the complaint at all, don't care.