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stun choas and lack of events

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  • stun choas and lack of events

    thing that burns my *** the most is the stun and choas because players are complaining about not being able to fight.
    events suck...they need fixing bad wartune has lost there way in the game
    tons of cashers who payed large amounts of money to play the game and cant get what they need to grow
    cant fight in arena without getting stunned 18 times in a row and choas from hell....ive found a solution to fix that and it works...
    this game has forgot about the players ,cashers ,who made this game last as long as it has....its the whinny ** players who are ruining the game with demands...if you cant play the game the way it was made from the begining then dont play...if you cant cash is what it is....if you cant keep up and complain about cashers being strong....then spend money many wonderfull players lost to the game going to **** suck...cant get mounts...cant get clothes...lucky exchange offers wings...used 2k chest 0% chance...that game is not what is was...i wish it would die so they will give all the balens back from game to use for another game so we can start all over again...waiting for the day when r2 wakes up and fixes the game...cant please everyone...but you can please 75%with ease

    the top player in the game....east coast
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    i agree fully

    PVP is dead
    Battleground is dead
    Arena is dead

    All the above is because of stun it needs to be removed or be given a % chance of working

    I am 100m in BR and due to stun in various ways i was beaten by a 40m br in arena - i never fought in any way for the entire duration

    in essence stun is killing the game


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      im 160mil and theres nothing like being beaten when you cant use one skill entire match ....stun opening round and thats all she wrote


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        Put the blame on the developer because they're promoting the stun again.

        If it's just relic stun only, it will be fine or manageable somehow. But we have goddess and nemesis stun as well. Sometimes nemesis is unfair, other players can charge bar faster (can use meteoric assault many times) while other players wont. Can attack many times while you can attack one at a time (especially in group battles). Not all cuties can get an stun resistance skill, only few, it's like some cuties have a 0% chance of getting stun resistance.

        These are my observations.


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          this is why I don't do pvp much

          arena does 5 rounds if event requires it
          venus wars miss first 4 weeks enter for 1 week then miss rest of weeks till end of season
          ares never enter
          rumble enter when I realy need to if I want whats on offer in shop at time
          post grab never enter cuz a waste of time when we ave thousands of crystals and we can only use 20 per day

          all because fun has gone out of game due to stuns


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            I second every word spoken but to add to the stun you get too much lag and when pressing skills they work sometimes or if you too quick to choose a skill then you get nothing and lose 2 or 3 turns before you are able to select a skill I have dc on game many times and only been on for 5 mins thought it was computer . reset to factory settings only to find it game as always seems r2 don't want to invest any time in making the game playable and by creating all this stun they are driving players away .who wants to be refreshing on average every 30 mins or reloading due to dc then when in so called fights you sit there and watch other people using skills against you as you are stunned for the entire fight .wartune wrong name now should be called I stun you first hehe.


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              Stuntune, join and get stunned to death...what is the point of playing this game anymore when all you get is stunned in every battle, not able to make 1 move until battle is over....other than stun its also lag...dunno which name suit this game best...lagtune or stuntune...perhaps paytune to get stunned....