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Love the changes....Two concerns

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  • Love the changes....Two concerns

    Hi Wartune, love the improvements so far. You guys are starting to take suggestions to improve game quality and i really appreciate it.

    Two concerns though:

    1. You've given us extra shops but they are mere replicas of each other. No major variations or access to items for goddess or Relic Resonance and Ascension or other key items.

    2. Do something about Sky Garden. It seems to be a whole lot of nothingness just seated in the game right now. It has so much potential...yet, its just there. I don't know if its being utilized on other servers but right now, no one on my server will even 'fart' on it. It had its time...either find another purpose for it or let it go.

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    I did sky garden once never again as I was only one who did it on my server so realy couldnt play any of the games it produced

    I agree about the shops they should of added the stuff we need not replication 3 shops with same stuff (Bangs head against wall) no brains these devs