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snowflakes ruined this game

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  • snowflakes ruined this game

    you damn snowflakes have ruined this game.

    class wars, titan war, venus war where top 3 get unique rewards is now ares war, rumble, venus war where all get rewards based on rank .. its like school kids that run in races where there is no longer 1st, 2nd, 3rd its all the same trophies with participated on them no matter where they come and even last gets 1.. thats what the pvp in this game has become a water down event that all get the same rewards.

    long gone are the days of fighting it out hardcore to get top 3 spots its now a afk whatever and still get diamond.. thanks you damn snowflakes for flooding the ticket system for a long time and having them change it to this.

    wartune is PvP/PvE game so if you don't like to get owned stay out of PvP or grow a set .. you ruined it for most of us you damn snowflakes.
    Server: R2Games S230 Cross Chasm (Oceanic)
    Guild: Sicario