Hello i'm NeevoiSR.
I'm playing wartune for a long time now and i have to say that the game performance is very slow and i have to refresh the site every 5-2 minutes.

i also have a strong PC and a 144hz Monitor
so i don't think the game will be affected in that scenario.
i have the latest version of "Adobe flash"
My main browser that i'm using is Chrome
in addition i've tried to play the game on Opera/FireFox and on both the game performance was very slow and i find that it is a big issue because Chrome will not support "Adobe Flash" at the end of the year.

I've searched everywhere in almost any forum/communities how to improve the game performance and i didn't find an answer.

if somebody here can find a solution that can help me and others (people might have the same problem as me) it will be very helpful.