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  • when o when

    when to go fix this ****** game... losing fights while opponents are dead just before time rans out.. or we had them almost dead and we almost full HP stupid game

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    and why its always so hard to obtain a new title they hand out in lucky exchange?? do they really like to pee ppl off?


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      yes they are trying to pi ss ppl off. To get as many as they can to leave so they have an excuse to close down the game by saying they have not got the numbers, have you all not noticed how they are doing things that they know ppls dont want like stun and the .game is getting more and more lag and nothing is getting fixed. they want you to leave, the game is ending soon they just dont want to tell ppl. so they can get more money out of them before it closes
      Last edited by anna11; 03-10-2020, 01:52 AM.