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Current Climate - Spender/Casher events

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  • Current Climate - Spender/Casher events

    with what is going on in the world, i think - i wont be the only one - you need to stop these events (or at lease the majority) - as most of the world is shut down which is meaning a whole lot less income in the current ecomomy.

    what could be done is replace the spender events where the player had to work to get what is required. like the daily activity

    I understand that money has to be madem but in order to keep the player base, comprimises need to be made,

    Or has this come at a good time as flash is due to end support by the end of the year, now time to kill the game off completly.

    Nice to hear any1's thoughts on this - as this is ran by r2 dev in China - you put 2 and 2 together????????????

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    think ya getting paranoid
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